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We work with companies, industrial designers, individuals and assist inventors with the development of new products.

Products manufactured at Peliton include agricultural products, kitchen products, toys, tools, promotional products, auto parts, home and office products, kitchenware and much more. Please see the Sample Custom Made Plastic Products page for more details and photos. If you already have CAD drawings then it's just a matter of quoting the work. If you do not have drawings we suggest talking with an industrial designer. Remember product design is the key to your success. We will work with your designer every step of the way, insuring a quality product. We also offer Project Management to coordinate with outside tooling shops in the area for major tooling needs. The tool builders that we like to use are all within driving range so that if any issues arise they can be addressed immediately. Members of our staff are experts in reshoring your product back to the United States.


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Peliton manufacturing


If you are thinking of using offshore production these are items to consider.

With todays tariffs, shipping cost, increased wages of Chinese workers and concidering other
factors the savings are not as great as they once were.

At Peliton your products will be made by proud Americans, who will assure quality every step of the way.

The ability to visit Peliton Plastics and see your project in production.

Call or visit our plant to speak directly to the people who are making your product.
Most important we speak english, (with a south Georgia accent).

Intellectual property security
Many infringements and theft have been made on patented products made overseas.

Global Unrest
Just read today's headlines. Offshore production or shipping of your product could stop at anytime.

Transportation from China can be very expensive and will take up to 50 days to reach the USA.
If you are running low on a product, we can quickly ship partial orders to keep you supplied.
The enormous value of displaying the term "MADE IN THE USA" on your product and in your advertising.

If you are currently using overseas production
Peliton can help with reshoring your operation


Our Location
The Peliton plastic injection molding company is conveniently located in South Georgia (about 15 miles north of the Florida state line). Please call us if you would like to visit our facility. We will be happy to give directions or make arrangements to pick you up at the Valdosta Airport.

Our philosophy is when your project is a success this is what makes our company a success!!!

Machine Shop

Peliton Machine Shop

The Peliton machine shop was set up to support our own plastic injection molding operation, (mold making, repair and equipment maintenance). We also assist customers with their prototyping and tooling fabrication. We provide mold repair for other companies in the southeast that do not have an in-house machine shop. We have recently expanded the machine shop area in order to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and provide more room for new state of the art equipment.

In-House Screen Printing and Pad Printing Department

Peliton Screen Printing
Our state-of-the-art printing department produces quality screen printing and pad printing on a wide variety of substrates at low cost. Materials which we print include vinyl, Coroplast, metal, glass, wood, virtually any flat surface.

Peliton Screen Printing can create original logos or artwork for you or we can duplicate your existing signs. Peliton prides itself in quality workmanship and fast turn around time.

Our services include; real estate signs, political, campaign signs and posters, promotional products, industrial placards, auto tags, flying disk and much more. Peliton's Printing Department

Printing Department


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