How do I get a plastic part made?

1. You need to discuss your idea with a patent attorney; they can help you with the legal requirements of the patent office. Be very careful of sharing your new idea before those legal requirements are met. Our staff is always happy to assist and advise inventors with their inventions.

2.Peliton will sign a non-disclosure agreement, so you will feel comfortable knowing that your product or invention is protected.

3.Technical Drawings - Our company has the ability to produce technical drawings,(work load permitting) or refer you to someone in your area who can do them for you.

4.Prototype - Peliton will work with you to develop a prototype of your product.

5.We will then guide you through a complete cost analysis. The cost will be based on your 3-D drawings, the weight and volume of the part, your assembly requirements, the number of parts you need and the time frame of production.

Remember, tooling drives production costs. A one-cavity mold only makes one part at a time, so you get fewer parts per hour than with a multi-cavity mold, but a one-cavity tool is cheaper. Lower the cost of your product by producing more cavities. It's a trade off between your tooling budget and your production budget.

Peliton is a company committed to getting your custom molded products into production as quickly and economically as possible.

About our Company

The Peliton company operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Offering you the ability to get products to market quickly and in a cost effective manner.

We will match your sophistication level on any project. Whether you want to meet the highest quality tolerances or save money and get the product produced as soon as possible (even then we will insure that only acceptable parts are produced).

Our staff will work around the clock to get your product ready for market.

Project Management

Our company can manage your project, keep your overhead down and pass the savings on to you. Peliton will coordinate your project through a powerful network of manufacturing professionals, ensuring that quality is met along the way and that your product gets delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

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